Walking your child?

May 13, 2009

I’ve been on an organizational kick lately and my latest project have been my pictures. A few summers ago I went on a trip with my cousin (actually 2nd cousin) to Europe. I was a chaperone with a special program she was nominated for (except it still costs thousands of dollars for the both of us). It still is a good deal and you go on tours that you might miss if traveling on your own. I would recommend anyone to go as a student/volunteer but I do warn, -you agree that you will not consume alcohol. (that was tough!)

I forgot about this picture, one of her friends took this pic, she was really trying to get the back ground but make it not look too obvious. Here is Carrie but the best is whats going on behind her. Love it!



PUMA -and I’m not talking shoes silly!

May 11, 2009

Could this be my new ride someday? I like it in a wierd nerdy sorda way. The Puma by GM


you know you want one.

C’mon, give a girl a break!

May 7, 2009

Found this article interesting.

Sox Fan Sues Team | “Over-Clapping” Blamed

woman-sues-soxFairfax, VA—Betty Lynn Bernanski swears she clapped so hard at Gray Sox games last year that her right hand became deformed. “Like a crab claw,” said the 26 year old who claims to be a lifetime Sox fan. The woman is suing the franchise for several million dollars, according to her attorney Marty Brown. “Betty Lynn can’t even pet her cats without poking them in the eyes. They run from her when she returns to her apartment after work,” said Brown. “It’s all because of the Sox. The team edged her on for support, and she gave it to them. This is a classic case of over-clapping.”           “I’m not sure we’ve even seen this woman before,” said Sox owner Hiram “Happy” Maloney. “We’ve given her nothing to clap about anyway.”

Now I am not always pro-sue about everything but I have to admit that I would probably side with her. I feel in some ways this might be her break to get some compensation (I imagine she has had a hard life) and this could be her chance. If she does get some money out of this (and any pro team can afford to throw her a bone $$$), I hope she does some good with it and also goes to Sephora to have a makeover. Betty is a pretty girl just trying to look hard. If I find any more info -whether she wins or looses I will update!

Bathing suit Elegance “the way”

May 2, 2009

Yes, my friends it’s that time again. Bathing suit season. NOOOOOOOOO! Well don’t fret. There are so many options today and you won’t end up on someones website like this poor girl.


Props to her and her confidence level but I will never be there. (you all would be thanking me too) Found some great modest bathing suit sites and no it’s NOT your grandmas suit shop. When I pick the one, I will update. Maybe with a pic? *winks*


Friends really?

April 30, 2009

We are a people who live and thrive on cutting people down. Some of us are plain and simply cruel and mean, we only feel good when we ruin the self –esteem of others. We tear each other apart about all our insecurities. “Have you seen how much weight she’s gained?” “I can’t believe she’s wearing that skirt. I guess she doesn’t care if people see her legs.” “You know, you could have that removed.”there is this “shame” particularly about our bodies and our lifestyles if we do not perfectly fit the mould of what e should look like or have in order to be happy. Why would we do this? Why all the competition? What are we really competing for? What is the prize? Are we still on the children’s playground competing for popularity? Some people need to ruin someone else’s self-esteem in order to feel good about themselves.

Sorry for the rant. Just my thoughts at the moment.

Casual Friday’s, here I come!

April 27, 2009

Every Friday we have (dreaded) casual Friday’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love going into work casual but it get’s tiresome trying to find a cute outfit. (it’s not like I can roll out of bed wearing my jammies…& let me tell you a chick did that years ago…who did she think she was!?) I know my black “power suit” rocks and all I have to do is change the color of my blouse and Vavoooom!! New Outfit! but what to do when Friday rolls around?

Last Friday this guy I work with made a jab about my outfit. I thought it was nice and casual, of course it was nothing to gush about but who cares? Well apparently he did. I should say I don’t care but I do. Well watch out Mr. “funny guy” at work…I went shopping. I can’t wait for it to arrive. I will let you know how the next casual Friday goes! *giggles*



Pets do go to heaven, right? YES!!!

March 22, 2009

I am always so saddened when someone loses a pet because it was so much more. A pet is family. I get angry when others at my work havc mentioned that animals don’t go to heaven. What? Why wouldn’t they!?! I found this image and it has stuck with me ever since.


Wow! Right? What a powerful picture. I am sorry for my friend’s loss of her beautiful pet, Calley Moo. She was an awesome dog, companion, protector. She will be greatly missed! R.I.P.

This is Calley Moo when she was a pup!


Whole chicken + can = genius!

January 8, 2009

I’ve seen one pickle in a can, even seen socks in a can  -but a whole chicken. I love it! Too bad I can only find it on amazon in bulk. Chicken in a can is pricey. I want to try one before I buy an entire six pack. Anyone want to go in on it with me? It may sound gross but think of the time saver it would be and you could do so many different recipes.


Crafty ways or just lucky?

January 5, 2009

I found this site Urbin debries and I think it is neat. I fell in love with these bracelets. Now here is my quewstion are some artist just crafty or was it a lucky break (of course i’m not talking about davinci) but sometimes I wish I could come up with an idea and market it just right and then POW I’m making $$$! I guess for now I will just drool.