Walking your child?

I’ve been on an organizational kick lately and my latest project have been my pictures. A few summers ago I went on a trip with my cousin (actually 2nd cousin) to Europe. I was a chaperone with a special program she was nominated for (except it still costs thousands of dollars for the both of us). It still is a good deal and you go on tours that you might miss if traveling on your own. I would recommend anyone to go as a student/volunteer but I do warn, -you agree that you will not consume alcohol. (that was tough!)

I forgot about this picture, one of her friends took this pic, she was really trying to get the back ground but make it not look too obvious. Here is Carrie but the best is whats going on behind her. Love it!



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One Response to “Walking your child?”

  1. MCPO Airdale Says:

    #1 son was born in England. I used one of those harnesses when he was 18-24 months old. Especially when we went to market on Friday and Saturday. It gave him a sense of freedom and gave me the peace of mind that he wouldn’t walk out in front of a truck.

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