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C’mon, give a girl a break!

May 7, 2009

Found this article interesting.

Sox Fan Sues Team | “Over-Clapping” Blamed

woman-sues-soxFairfax, VA—Betty Lynn Bernanski swears she clapped so hard at Gray Sox games last year that her right hand became deformed. “Like a crab claw,” said the 26 year old who claims to be a lifetime Sox fan. The woman is suing the franchise for several million dollars, according to her attorney Marty Brown. “Betty Lynn can’t even pet her cats without poking them in the eyes. They run from her when she returns to her apartment after work,” said Brown. “It’s all because of the Sox. The team edged her on for support, and she gave it to them. This is a classic case of over-clapping.”           “I’m not sure we’ve even seen this woman before,” said Sox owner Hiram “Happy” Maloney. “We’ve given her nothing to clap about anyway.”

Now I am not always pro-sue about everything but I have to admit that I would probably side with her. I feel in some ways this might be her break to get some compensation (I imagine she has had a hard life) and this could be her chance. If she does get some money out of this (and any pro team can afford to throw her a bone $$$), I hope she does some good with it and also goes to Sephora to have a makeover. Betty is a pretty girl just trying to look hard. If I find any more info -whether she wins or looses I will update!